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kids go play, dad needs a fucking nap

Young 20 something, design student, idk, w/e.

9:30 coffee and Bon Jovi. I feel like I’ve done nothing so far tonight, but I only have to put in 2 more hours today to hit 13 hours of working on this today so…

But that doesn’t matter because it has to be finished tonight.

Booked a tattoo consultation (with Nomi Chi, oh jeez). I’m so fucking stoked.

So here’s to not spending any money for the next while especially since I won’t have a job in a couple of days. Except I’m going to spend so much money because I have to prep my grad show stuff and I’m going to Seattle for a couple days. 

I’m going to make a countdown list because I need things to look forward to and for once not base a countdown on when things are due, because it’s going to be a long night with this fucking ebook:

Impulse trip to Seattle: 6 days (if it’s planned 6 days ahead that’s not really impulsive, but it’s impulsive enough for me)

Birthday: 10 days

Convocation: 11 days

Tattoo Consultation: 15 days

The Mullet Madness playlist on songza really speaks to my casual dad spring time soul. 

buggy software is killing me 

I just remembered what happened on Adventure Time last night. 

I’m so pleased with that show. Good Job


unrelated to previous post but like i WANT to be surprised and shocked at the fact that a child’s make-a-wish pony was seen as “social justice bullshit” by bronies who then proceeded to draw a bunch of porn of it

but i’m not

but like i definitely feel like lighting one of these people on fire so

meghanastley replied to your post “Not that I’ve really cared all that much that David Tennant is filming…”

Lyke omg he totally came into my work and also waved at us a couple times when we came in in the morning (they are filming where Mineral World was.) Good thing I am so Whovian/whatever else he’s been in.

I am not even sew whovian I thought I would not care because what ever I’m never in Victoria there would be very slim chance of ever running into him. But 100 meters from my parents’ house? That’s not cool, that’s so close. 

It’s just “yo, I’ve watched your face for hours and hours on end in the last year, how are you a real person? what is up with that?” 

Not that I’ve really cared all that much that David Tennant is filming in Victoria these last few weeks, but my mum just sent me a text with a photo of a notice they got letting them know that they’ll be filming in the park that’s at the edge of their property.

Literally 100 meters from where I would have been if I didn’t have to stay in the city this week to finish work. 


distracted from my work by trying to think of what to wear to grad.

Do I wear a dress? Some nice pants and a shirt? I don’t know. 
I need to find something to wear. When is there time to do that though? 

I’m going to just wear a sack or sweatpants or something, it says “thanks for coming out folks, but I have have literally no time to pay attention to myself in the last 8 months so this is what you get”. 

I have this prototype deadline on Wednesday and I’ve been working on it all evening but there are so many things to do and so many things that aren’t working.

Things like the platform I’m working on has an advanced physics engine, but yet can’t render small caps? 

There’s no understanding of importance of how cute the small caps in national are and that not rendering them is hurting me physically.